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We WILL NOT SELL you a low-cost lifetime upgrade that will leave you with an inactive or ineffective site in a couple of months...

WE REALLY ARE HERE TO STAY and We Will Only Offer You REAL people, REAL Stats and REAL Advertising POWER!

Let's Face it... building your own list takes a great deal of time, money, and effort...

What about using MyEmailzShuffle's list?

MyEmailzShuffle plugs into MySurfBiz to grow your list and build your downlines across multiple programs (you choose the programs) while building your MyEmailzShuffle downline on auto-pilot...

Just imagine what that could do for your online income. Reaching thousands of people every day and tens of thousands every month!

All that while building your own list and creating an instant cash flow...

MySurfBiz and MyEmailzShuffle

This is what MyEmailzShuffle offers you: an active list of buyers and subscribers created by offering an easy biz-solution that people want to buy and at a low price so they can easily afford to purchase your offer.

This new Viral List Builder not only provides you with all the advertising options your site needs, it is also packed with tons of features and works in synergy with My Surf Biz and our sister sites such as GoldenChestMailer.

$107 insane

Mail Any Time All The Time To:

Over 22,6000 Current Active Members and More will be added soon!

Achieving 300-400 Clicks in 4 Days or Less

It works like a mini ad network that is free to use, with no need to pay extra for the ads at all: simply use your surplus credits and enjoy the results!

All you need to do to get started is to click the join button.

Gary Russeau

Hi, My name is Gary Russeau & I'm the owner of Social Viral Mailer. I wanted to take a minute and say its professional people like Rina that keep me inspired online & keep me on the path to financial freedom. I continue to be inspired online by using products like My Surf Biz & MySafelist Revolution, both by Rina Baxter. They are packed full of the necessary information to help you succeed online."

Alice Brideau
My Surf Biz Affiliate

Hi, Alice here, a MySurfBiz affiliate. I recently took up Rina's offer to join MyEmailzShuffle and I just want to tell everyone that this MyEmailzShuffle sales funnel really works. I linked MyEmailzShuffle to MySurfBiz and in no time I was seeing results. I got my first lifetime upgrade sale within 24 hours of joining MyEmailzShuffles, earning me $47 - and it was thanks to my promotion of MySurfBiz! All Rina's programs are now built into an incredible marketing funnel, so be sure to join them all and link them together so you can get sales in all of them no matter which one you promote. It's the best choice I ever made.

Join the team!

Marty Petrizza

Hi, Careful planning has gone into MyEmailzShuffle so it will give you long lasting results. Even though the site is new, with the shuffle network ads you have access to a great list you can market to already. I expect this site will just get better and better!

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